Tuesday, July 7, 2009

38 TIMEZ pt.3

this 61 Panhead belongs to my buddy, Ernesto"Big Ern"Torres.if you knew Ern,you would know that it's no surprise this bike is so clean.in auto shop,our teacher Mr. Kim,nicknamed him "car wash".because he was always cleaning his car instead of working on it.HA HA. Ern,Walt and I have been friends since kindergarten.
notice the Kilo speedo.it started out as a pretty complete and original basket case Mexican police bike.he's had this bike going on 19 years now..Ern, Walter and I first started working on this thing in Walt Sr's garage.Ern's one of the smart ones that has held on to his first Harley.as is Walt Jr.
throughout the years, this bike has gone thru alot of changes.getting better as the funds permitted.the first incarnation was in a swingarm frame that I rattle canned gloss black.full fenders,a 21" font wheel, and apes.this last paint job was done by Walt's little brother, Antone.
the frame was hardtailed by Walkers, and powdercoated.
this bike has never been in any magazines or entered in any big shows.but it could easily be RIDDEN into any show,grab a trophy and be RIDDEN out!


  1. COOL bikes and cars!!!!! Rene, give me a call at SO-CAL when you have a chance. Thanks.