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Grant and Mike were kind enough to ask Me to be a part of the show this year and build a Bike for their builder showcase.
It's exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Look's like there's gonna be a few busy months ahead! Luckily,For Me,I have the love and support of My family backing Me up! I was really looking forward to attending and having a good time at the show this year,so this is just icing on the cake!!
There's some super talented Dudes that are going to be building scooter's for the show as well. I gotta say,it's humbling to be included with all those Guy's. I think the best part about it is going to be the difference in the styles of bikes that we're all putting together. Good luck to you all!
Don't forget to get your raffle tickets for the give away bike's!!
Go to the website for more info on that.....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

East Los Veterano's Reunion

For the past 8 years,there's been a reunion of sorts going on down in East Los. It started as a small get together by a group of  friends that grew up in the same Barrio in East LA and hung out at a place known as "THE WALL". Most of these Cat's are in their early sixties and pretty mellow now. But you can tell by talking with em' and listening to the stories they tell and the old pictures that they pull out of the shoeboxes and old albums,that these were some crazy Mother Fucker's that were living in a time and place that We all wish We could travel back to! Just remember,when most of the Whiteboy's were cruising Bellflower and  Downey,these Homies were holding it down in the East Side!!

    This is Joe Cypert. Who by all accounts,was the craziest of em' all!! The reunion is held every year at his furniture shop on Whittier East Los. Super cool dude that would give you the shirt off his back! Builds some kick ass custom furniture,too. I sold him a 57' Coupe DeVille a few years back that I wish I would have kept!
That's Joe in the black shirt standing next to the Marine that was getting ready to head to Nam'.

A pic of my Buddy Walt's Dad,Walter Sr. and Joe.
Here's Big Walt kicking it next to his firme panel!
If you look back at some of the earlier posts on the blog,I've mentioned Walt Sr.before.I don't know if alot of people realize that there were alot of different ethnicities that made up East Los Angeles in the early days.
Walter is full blooded Yugoslavian who's parent's migrated to U.S. and eventually ended up in East Los .
Back then,just as it is now,it didn't' matter what backround you were...If you were down,you were down!!

Some rides at the party