Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hot VWs Magazine shoot

On Saturday,my Buddy Damon's 57' oval was being shot for a feature in Hot VWs Mag.he asked if they could do the shoot at my pad.I said hell yeah!it's always cool getting together with was also an excuse to take a break from working on my house!our homeboy mike,also known as "GUH GUH",showed up with some hot carnitas,tortillas,guacamole,salsa and a cooler full of was a kick ass morning and afternoon!!
I also had the pleasure of meeting R.K. slipped my mind when Damon told me during the week that R.K. would be shooting the car,that he used to work for Street Chopper back in the day.he got there early,before Damon,to scope out the scenery.when he saw all the motorcycles,he mentioned it.then,I remembered just reading his article in the new issue of Street Chopper.we started talking motorcycles and he was telling me some good stories about the early days with Tom Mcmullen and AEE,flying in Tom's jet and other crazy stuff.I enjoyed our conversation very much.
My Buddy Ben Salazar also brought down his baby blue 67' sedan.Ben's car has also previously been featured in Hot VWs.the green 67' belongs to Art Gutierrez.with Art being a few years older than us when we were growing up,this car was the one that most used to set the bar.When I first got into,and started working on cars,it was all about the mid to late eighties,I lived and breathed em'. at that time,I had one of the fastest street bugs around town.although I'm sure that would be up for debate.when I get a scanner,I'll post some pics of the good old days.
Damon ,Ben and Art are members of Der Kleiner Panzers car club.for those that don't know.that's the premier VW club that's known worldwide for keeping the whole Cal look be in that club,your car's gotta be the shit!and if you see any of these three up close,it would be hard not to be impressed
our homeboy "Pep" rolled up in his super clean Damon wanted to get a pic of every bodies rides I pulled my nomad out too.the funniest part of the day,besides all the shit talking,was when I went to put my car away,I did a kick ass burnout in front of my pad and my wife came out to see which one of my friends was making all the noise.and it was me!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the shop truck

just came across this old photo from life magazine and noticed that this old scooter hauler has the same hubcaps that I have on my truck.this photo was taken from the life magazine their biker pics.they kick ass.