Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick redo?

This was supposed to be a quick redo on My buddies Jay's shovelhead. It's bee a while since We've touched it.As often happen's,time,money,family and other unforeseen situation's force us to put our dreams on the backburner. I was and still am excited to see this scooter finished. It was never meant to be a show bike or a real spit and polished bar hopper. Just a cool runner! hang in there,Brother. Good times are just around the corner!

time saver

I recently scored this cabinet of drawers from work,out of a utility van that was going to salvage. I had to cut it out of the van with a sawlzall. I found some wheels for it at the last swap meet. I spent the last 2 nights sorting nuts and bolts,and still only about a 1/4 done. I was just complaining to My Homeboy Matt the other night about wasting time looking for a nut or a bolt. This should streamline some of the actitvities in the shop!
Below are some of the Hi Tech methods of hardware storage I had been dealing with for years!