Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick redo?

This was supposed to be a quick redo on My buddies Jay's shovelhead. It's bee a while since We've touched it.As often happen's,time,money,family and other unforeseen situation's force us to put our dreams on the backburner. I was and still am excited to see this scooter finished. It was never meant to be a show bike or a real spit and polished bar hopper. Just a cool runner! hang in there,Brother. Good times are just around the corner!


  1. Thanks for keeping me in mind! It will come out bitchen one day I have no doubt Renee! U are right about unforeseen things in our lifes but we will continue this built and one day all of us will ride together.Can't wait with your knowledge and cool eye I"ll have a clean one off old skool scoot! God Bless You and ur Family! See you soon JAY V.

  2. Rene has hands that turn things into magic, a gift from the lord