Friday, July 3, 2009

38 TIMEZ magazine shoot

Oryu from 38 TIMEZ magazine,from japan,stopped by yesterday to shoot some pics I had some friends over as well.

this is my homeboy Walt's 49 sedan.chopped by him in his garage.he just finished putting the body back on the chassis.everything underneath is real sano!it has a 235 straight six with a hot cam,dual carbs and headers ,with a four speed trans and hydraulic even has a/c.there's alot of little details that appear to you the longer you look at it.and of course there's Walt's signature machine gray paint on the block.(he's been painting all his engines this same color for the past twenty something years)OCD?
from this angle you can see how nice the top the past few years,there have been alot of chopped cars coming out.but only few manage to nail it like this one.mustang 2 front end and four link in the rear with bags all the way around let's it lay.this car work's so well because there's no gimmicks.just style!

I have a few more pics to post later.

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