Sunday, July 5, 2009

38 TIMEZ part 2

here's a few more shots from the day.
this is Walt Sr's 39 ford pickup.he's had this truck for almost twenty years.
this truck is indicative of the kinda style that Walt Sr. has.clean and simple.and it has to be slammed!this truck was built to be a driver,and it has been it's entire life.Walt drives it daily to his Hot Rod/Classic car repair shop in Pico Rivera.

I'm sure you've seen plenty of cars with fishtail exhaust tips before.on other cars, it always seems corny,because I know that Walt did it almost twenty years ago.and the fact that he had his first Harley,a 47' Knucklehead,when he was 17,legitimizes it.
I was just a kid when I saw Walt making this roll pan out of an old water heater tank.after all these years and miles,not a single crack on any of the welds.that always stuck in my head throughout the years, that you didn't need a english wheel and all that other shit to end up with a bitchin' final product.just craftsmanship.use what you got!
with Walt Jr. and I being best friends for the past 30 years.Walt has always been a big influence in my life, with the cars and bikes,as well as being a great family Man.thanks Walt!

on another note.Walt Sr. has photo albums with coolest bike and car photos from the 60' and 70's.I'll work on him to try and post some up on the way,that tattoo on Walt's right calf was done by Jack Rudy,when Good Time Charlies was in ELA,on Whittier Blvd!

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