Monday, April 16, 2012


Finally got a new chuck for my lathe! Actually,it's from the 50's,but it's new to Me. The old one was too wobbly. It made centering your work piece a real bitch! First pieces I made with the new chuck were the sissy bar mounts for the Born Free bike. Worked great!
Started out with two pieces of 3/4"x 2" roundstock. Drilled out the center for the 9/16" roundstock I'm using for the sissy bar and rounded off the edge.
flipped the piece around and rounded off the end
almost done
cut a 3/8'' x1'' section out. A cut off wheel on a 4" grinder works good.

cut a 2'' long piece of 1/4" x 1" flat stock. weld and blend it and your good to go!!
The portion that's welded to the frame is 3/8" x 1" flatstock.
3/8" is good because you can tap it and have plenty of threads. 

                                 Born Free's coming fast........And I still got aloooot of work to do.
                                Sometime's you need a little pressure to let you know your still alive!!