Sunday, April 1, 2012


A big Sorry for the lack of post's to all the Cat's that stop by here every now and then to kill some time!
But Man,I've super busy!!
I did get a chance to break away and visit the "Vietnam Wall Tribute" that was displayed at Rose Hills Cemetery this past week,Along with my Son and Father in law.
I gotta say,as I did expect it to be interesting and educational,I didn't expect it to be so moving!
As you approach this replica,you can only imagine the size and magnitude of the real wall.
all the time your there,a Veteran stands at the podium reading the the names that are listed on the wall.
there's a sort of somber silence and reverence among all the people there. While I was walking in front of the wall with my son,there was a Man dressed in an old Army fatigue shirt. He had one hand on his cane and the other in front of his mouth,masking his sob's. I could only imagine that He was thinking of his brother's that He lost there. My eye's welled up and I had a lump in My throat,and also on a few more occasions during my walk across the wall as I read the notes left by Friends and family of those on the Wall. Most of the notes were for local kid's that had just graduated from the surrounding High schools in 67' to 69',only to die in Vietnam less than year later.
I am too young to know what it was like for the Vet's that were coming home from Vietnam. But from what I've seen in movies and documentaries,read in book's and have heard from their own mouths,it wasn't too pleasant.  It seems they would have been happy with a just Big hug and a thank you!

Next time you come across a Veteran,young or old,a small gesture like a handshake and a Thank You could mean the world to them!


  1. Thank you for post. I just saw my pop in one of your pictures! Marine Corp Vet 1968

  2. Your welcome! and tell your Pop's I said thanks!