Sunday, January 8, 2012

EasyRider weekend

Attended the show this weekend.Not the greatest show in the world,but it was still a good time spending the day with My Pop's and Son and some good friends.
Figured I'd put the bike in the show since it was still somewhat fresh.
My two future riding Buddies. My Son and My Godson
It was a cool surprise to see Howard,aka,"THE TREE"there. Growing up,I would hear stories about this dude named Tree,from my buddy Walter's Dad and his friends.About this big guy who they used to ride with that was able to ride the longest,stretched out choppers with drag bars,one handed and still manage to jockey shift while making u turns.These stories made this  guy seem like some mystic figure to Me.
I finally had to the chance to meet Howard a few years ago when my buddy Ross and Howard were building his latest chopper,yet another version of 'THE TREE".We spent the day bullshitting,talking choppers and eating burgers.By the end of the day it was like I'd know him forever.A big dude with a big heart!
Howards bike from the seventies,which Ross and Howard also built together.featured in Easyriders twice I believe.

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