Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Stumbled across this old Lowrider magazine from the early 80's.
this issue has my Dad's old Fleetline in it. I remember that day like it was yesterday! I believe the front shot was taken right under the 1st street bridge in L.A. The rear shot was taken somewhere in East Los. I think in Maravilla. You can see the top of my head in the back seat of that shot. That was the first car that My Dad and I did together. We started on it when I was 9. I was 11 when these shot's were taken.My Aunt Patsy,who was 17 at the time,is the model!I ran across the car about two years ago at the Pomona swap meet. The owner was selling the car at that time.It blew my mind that it looked exactly the same,except for wide white's. It still looked beautiful.It had gone thru a few owners since my Dad sold it back in 82'.Obviously,each one had loved the car. When I started talking to the owner about the car and telling him that My Dad and I had built the car,He thought I was full of shit! he didn't even know about it being in Lowrider! The thing that tripped Me out the most was that My Dad had an old St. Christopher magnet right under the start button on the dash,and it was still there! I wish I could of bought the car that day!

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  1. My Dad Andres was the second owner. He had to sell it Due to his funeral expenses. My cousin Bobby told me about your page. I miss that car but, more so my Pops