Friday, June 18, 2010

Born Free Weekend

Had a real good time at the Born-Free chopper show last weekend.forgot my camera at home.the 68' Sportster's new owner,Rick,from Canada,came down for the weekend to attend the show and ride his bike in the California sun..his buddies Reilly and Shawn accompied him as well. We managed to find a bike for Reilly to to ride as well. The best part was taking these guys through some L.A. traffic and seeing em' split lanes for the first time!priceless! I nabbed these pics of us riding into the show off Mark Kawakami's sure was nice to see the Sportster riding down the freeway.I know Rick was lovin' it. All in all,a great weekend!


  1. ....sweet rides, great friends, good times...

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  3. ciao from Italy! saw your comment on my friend

    we talked about the bike saturday nite!

    the rigid ironhead is perfect!
    u know...the proportion of the rear section rules! and the rake and the stretch of the frame in the front is neat.

    the posistion of the rider (which seems high like me -182cm-) is killer

    I spotted this skoot a while back in some pic of the Oakland roadster show and in Dice kills...definitely!

    Hope to have the pleasure to see it live some day!

    Ciao from Italy


  4. Hey Rene.

    It was great to see you at the show. Let me know when you got something to shoot. How's that house addition coming along? Done yet. Keep up the good work. And what's with your neighbor in the white robe peeing in the bushes behind you guys in the first photo! Ha Ha.