Monday, February 1, 2010


My good friend Ross Suderno's 72' shovel from GNRS 09'
you can look at this this for hours,come back and look at it again,and find more custom touches you missed the first time!

Ross has been building custom scooter's longer than most of us have been alive!
I've had the pleasure and priviledge of knowing Ross for around 25 or so years.
my buddy Walter's dad,Walter Sr.,and Ross have been close friends since childhood.
that's how I came to know Ross.ever since I can remember,every car or bike that he has owned has always been super clean and had some neat tricks done to them.
I always joke with Ross about how knowing him is sometimes a curse.Because every time I do something on a project that I'm working on,I always think,"what will Ross think when he see's this".but it makes do better work!..everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like him.Thanks Bro!

I can't tell you how cool it was to be able to share the experience of having a motorcycle at the roadster show for the first time with was cool!

check out the Bikernet website for a full feature on the shovelhead,and a just glimpse of what Ross is all about.

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