Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shovels new Home

with my home addition in full swing,I haven't had a lotta time to anything interesting enough to post.but,let me tell you.I've been working my ass off!

Well,my 78' shovel has literally found a new home up in the Great White North.I just got an email from it's new owner,Rick,from Canada.he say's he love's the bike.I bet if he could get up the stairs,he probably be sleeping next to it!I'm glad you like it ,Rick!
so,now that I need a scooter to ride.I came across this little I said above,I don't have alot of free time to play with MY toy's.So,I'm gonna try and keep as many of the parts that came with it,on it.nothing fancy,just a runner.


  1. I glad the Shovelhead found a new home. I really liked that one. Let me know when you have something new to shoot! I'll see you at the Born Free show this coming weekend.

  2. That old Shovel of yours is too fuckin' rad. Can't wait to see what you're gonna do with this one...

    hey, I send you an e-mail last week, you received it..?

  3. Hey mark.I'll see on saturday.should be a good turnout!

    Dutchy!what's happenin' Brother?I just saw your email last night.I had a problem with my I said,this one is gonna stay like it is for a time is super limited.but I have been working on the Nomad though!
    talk to you soon

  4. Rene, glad to see you are coming to the show.See u there.