Tuesday, February 5, 2013

still busy!

It's been a while since I've posted on the Blog! My apologies to everyone that follows it! Time has a way of getting away from you. I'm gonna try and play catch up with the pictures! The last time I posted, I didn't know it at the time,but I would soon be getting ready for a ride across the country to New York and the Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show!  Kosuke,Johnny and some other Cat's that I didn't know at the time,but would soon be Brothers in the wind,were planning their trip and it just seemed too good to pass up! Kosuke was invited to be part of the show. So He built a new bike and planned to ride it to the show! Crazy Jap!!
                                           Dominic was on hand on the build as well
So it just happened that I picked up this Shovelhead on Craigslist. I drove up to Sacramento to pick it up.

                                          I decided this is the bike I would ride to New York!
I gave it a quick makover and went over everything. Added some  bags and a little flavor and We were ready to go!

I'm gonna try and post these pics in chronological order.

 getting ready to leave Sunrise Cycles.We were supposed to leave aropund 9-10 am. We didn't finish Kosuke's bike till around 5pm! So with one ride around the block on a fresh Motorcycle,We hit the road in the middle of peak traffic!
 We got as far as Fontana when Kosuke got a flat on the front tire! super scary! but He held it together and good Buddy Shawn Donahue came through with a freeway rescue,tube and a jack. We fixed the tire in a parking lot and hit the road again at about 9pm. No sleep till Pheonix!
                                                               gas stop in Blythe I believe
                                           a New Friend I made on the trip. The Kiwi Jake!

                                                        made into Arizona around 3am

 Made it in to Glendale Az. around 4:30am. The boyz from The Foundry and from Torch had planned a nice BBQ for us! unfortunately,we were about 12 hours too late! Dominic and I said hell with it and got drunk anyway! This pic was taken somewhere around 5am. We were digging Kosuke's slippah's every night on the trip!
 I had to change out the hydraulic lifters on the Shovel for some solids in the morning. It seemed like I closed my eyes and the sun was up!
Our roadtrip crew and Justin from Torch Ind. and Robbie from Foundry/Supreme Seventies. Big thanks to Justin for putting us up for the night and making us feel at home with the use of the shop and tools and to Robbie fo hooking us up with the McDonalds coffee and apple pies in the morning!

                                                 half way between Phoenix and Flagstaff

 At Harley Davidson of Albuquerque. Even though they were closed for the day for inventory,they welcomed us with pizza and drinks and sold us the parts We needed. Nothing but LOVE on this trip from everyone We met!

                                         somewhere between Albuquerque and Vega,Texas

 Sunset in Vega,Texas! We stopped off at an exit to get gas. When We looked across the street,we saw this Saloon and decided it was time for a drink!

                                                    Kosuke enjoying a smoke at the bar.
 We had planned to make it to Amarillo and get a steak at the famous "Big Texan". The owner/Bartender/Cook told us that the food there sucked and that She made the best steak in Texas! So We said fuck it,let's eat here! I had one of the best steaks I've ever had that night! I don't if was the best steak in Texas,but it was damn good!

 Kosuke ran out of gas somewhere in Texas. we got seperated from the rest of the group in a mean fog bank. Luckily dominic came back and gave us some gas.

                                           Buffalo in Oklahoma. There's a video somewhere of
                                     johnny surprise running around with them that's funny as shit!

                                                                 Gas stop in Oklahoma.
There comes a certain point in the trip where you tell yourself, even if I break down completely,I'm still going to New York! This was that point.
                                                                  MORE TO COME!


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